Swamimalai, one of the abodes of Lord Sri Muruga, is situated on the northern banks of the River Cauvery, in Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu, India. It is a religious and pilgrimage centre besides being famous for bronze icons. Icons, the sacred images in temples, exist right from the time the temples ever cameup. Most of such icons are manufactured at Swamimalai by the sthapathies belonging to Viswakarama Community. These sthapathies are said to belong to Gingee in North Arcot District and their services were utilised by the famous king Raja Raja Chola for construction of the famous Big Temple (Sri Brahadeeswarar Temple ) at Thanjavur. After construction of this great temple, a group of sthapathies under the leadership of Akora Veera Badra Sthapathy migrated to Swamimalai. In 1961, the Government of India, traced the origin of the sthapathies and made out the genealogy of the sthapathies and published the same in "Census of India 1961 " Volume IX Government of India publication. ( Click the Links to Genealogy List )

               Sri S. Devasenapathy Sthapathy, master craftsman in bronze castings at Swamimalai, belongs to the family of Akora Veera Badra Sthapaty. He is a very famous sthapathy in the art of making icons. He was well trained in this field by his father Srikanda Sthapathy and his paternal uncle Sri Annaswamy Sthapathy. He is well versed with all literatures relating to iconography. He is a National Awardee besides being holder of several awards and titles from the Government, Religious Institutions, and public organizations. He had made a good number of idols for the Hindu temples in U.K., USA, Malaysia, Mauritius, France, Canada, in addition to India.D

               Sri D.Radhakrishna Sthapathy, Sri D.Srikanda Sthapathy and Sri D.Swaminatha Sthapathy are the sons of Sri. S.Devasenapathy Sthapathy. They are also master craftsmen in bronze casting. Sri Devasenapathy Sthapathy was the founder of Sri Jayam Industries which celebrated it's Golden Jubilee in October 2002.